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Systems Local Dependency MSI Installer

For one of our legacy projects we have .msi installer.  It installs successfully when Windows system locale language is English.

In non English versions such as Korean, Japanese, Chinese, etc. installer never installs.  Is there any options in ism file where we can set this property to successfully install irrespective of system regional locale.

Couple of observations done as part of homework which might be useful while providing a pointer.  Please kindly review and provide pointer so that I can experiment and get back with results

1. I can open the project file in Install Shield 2016 R2 version

2. I have another project where msi installation is successful in all locales.  I tried brute force method to compare each and every file, section property but honestly given the number of files, it practically became impossible to identify difference

3. I opened files in xml and found that same ISLanguage section is present in both

<table name="ISLanguage">
<col key="yes" def="s50">ISLanguage</col>
<col def="I2">Included</col>

4. In general information I see options of setup languages, default languages but I think this is not intended setting since all regional locales working installer too has English (United States).  Requirement is installation shall be smooth in non english Windows machine but not installation in local language

5. Output file format in both projects is .exe

6. Attempted with command line parameters as msiexec /i myinstaller.exe TRANSFORM=":1033" but error popsup saying that "This installation package cannot be opened".  Tried with command prompt in admin privileges.  Only double clicking on myinstaller.exe works 

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Flexera Alumni

Hi @UdayBhaskar ,


When you say,it isn't getting installed on non-English locale machines what does that mean?

  • Are you thrown up with any run-time error specifically?If so please attach snap of it.
  • Can you enable log to get further directions on this?
    • Setup.exe /l*v "c:\Folder1\Setup.log"
  • With default language setting been 0x409/1033,it is expected to work on all sort of language machines.
  • Can you create sample setup with minimal payload to validate whether the problem is generic or very specific to the project files you have?



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Thank you for the follow up.  We have opened case ##02208406 for the same.  Couple of updates about proceedings there.  Same questions have been asked there.


Please see my comment below in blue.

1. What locale / language is the Windows machine running in when you receive setup.exe error 1152 cannot extract MSI? Is it running in Korean? Or a different language? If you change the locale to English, is the issue still reproducible on that same machine?
[William] It is Korean. If I change it to English, then the issue is disappeared on that same machine.

2. Does this particular installer always reproduce this issue?
[William] Yes it is as long as locale setting is set to Korean.

3. The setupdebuglogfailure.txt setup debug log indicates that the MSI name has non-English characters:
9-16-2020[09:49:56 占쏙옙占쏙옙]: PackageName=MetrOPOS占쏙옙 Administrator .ms
How is the MSI being named with non-English characters?

4. Does this issue occur with a simple sample project with a minimal payload? Or is this issue specific to your affected project?
[William] this is issue for all use cases in Korea since most of machine’s locale set are Korean.

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