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Installing msi tools on seperate machines

Hi all,

The documentation for ISD 2009 Premier says: "The Premier edition also includes a separate installation and extra licenses that let you install just the tools, without InstallShield, on separate machines. For specific terms, see the InstallShield End-User License Agreement."
However, The agreement does not provide any instructions for this issue.
After searching the web, I ask for your advice - Did anyone try this before?
Do you know when can I find instructions for doing this?
Is there a limit to the number of separate machines where I can install the tools?

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Level 17

Here's the relevant blurb from the EULA:
In addition for Licensees of InstallShield Premier, the InstallShield MSI Tools (InstallShield MSI Grep, InstallShield MSI Diff, InstallShield MSI Query, and InstallShield MSI Sleuth) shipped as part of the InstallShield Premier Edition may be installed, reproduced and used on up to five (5) computers residing on your premises, and a copy of the MSI tools may be shared on a common build/test machine on your premises.

I think that hopefully answers part of your question.

A special installation that has just the InstallShield MSI Tools is available for users who have the Premier edition of InstallShield. If you purchased the DVD of InstallShield, the separate installation is available on the DVD. If you downloaded your copy of InstallShield, you can obtain this separate installation by checking for updates from within InstallShield. (On the Tools menu, click Check for Updates.)

This separate installation installs all four tools (InstallShield MSI Grep, InstallShield MSI Diff, InstallShield MSI Query, and InstallShield MSI Sleuth) on a machine. You do not need to run this installation on a machine that has InstallShield. The .NET Framework 2.0 must be present on a machine in order to use these tools. I think that's the only requirement.

Does that help?
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