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XML File Changes - changes order of orig file

I have successfully used the XML File Changes view to modify a database connection string to reflect user input in an InstallScript project. BUT, the config file has been modified and has a new section called . Installshield still changes the connection string properly but when it writes the "new" xml file it appears to write the XML sections aphabetically. The app I am installing expects a first (not sure why but app only works if that is first in the xml config file). Since InstallShield is writing the section first, before , the app won't work. Is there a way to tell InstallShield to leave the order of the elements as they appear in the XML File View?
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Level 7

I never create the whole XML file. What I do instead is install a skeleton XML file with empty elements/attributes/properties and them set them during Install.
So use InstallShield only to set the values that need to change:
you should install your .config file like you have it on the dev machine (delete the values you need to change first):



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