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Incorporate 3rd Party executable


I am using Install Shield 2022 , can you provide help as how to incorporate a 3rd party executable

with Install Shield.





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Hello Paromita,

There are a couple of methods that would allow you to do this:


Installshield comes with a prerequisite editor which will enable you to create a prerequisite for the setup.exe.
This will allow you to create your own conditions to determine when (or if) the setup.exe should be run.
A prerequisite is run before the main installation package of your project and will wrap everything together within another setup.exe

More information on prerequisites can be found here:

Suite Installer

A suite project is available within our Installshield Premier Edition, and it allows multiple installation packages to be wrapped within a setup.exe as a "suite" of packages. This approach provides more functionality that a prerequisite, so it would depend on your requirements on which you would need.

More information on suite projects can be found here:

I hope this helps,

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Hi Stuart,
Can you send me a an example prerequisite file for a 3rd party executable, I am using a basic Install Shield not the Premier Edition.
If you have a video snippet showing how to create the perquisite file and how to set the conditions that will be very helpful.

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Hi @mazumder 

 You can refer below Kb article,

 On prq condition you need to check which best suites for your case and then find that condition and add it, as shown in above Kb article.

You can also refer our help document for prq.

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As a quick addition - For Prerequisite examples, you can look at the prerequisites that we provide with Installshield.

Installation Designer > APPLICATION DATA > Redistributables

Right Click a Prerequisite, and select "Edit Prerequisite" - this will open the Prerequisite Editor with those settings. If you view a few it will give you a good idea of how functioning prerequisites look.

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