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How to keep database on uninstall


I use installShield limited edition for Visual Studio.
On installation, I place a access database .mdb file into [LocalAppDataFolder]MyProgramName

I application work well, and I can modify data on my database.

If I use Windows uninstall, my database has been removed from my folder [LocalAppDataFolder]MyProgramName

What is the way to keep my database on uninstall process ?

Best regards
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Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

The Limited Edition of doesn't contain built-in functionality to mark a file/component permanent, however if you build it uncompressed (or just build an MSI) you can open the MSI directly in orca and update the component table manually. I believe the setting the Attributes column to 24 should make the file permanent. Here is a link to Microsoft's documentation on the Component table:

The full version (Exp/Pro/Pre) do have this functionality.

I hope this helps.
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