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How to make an installer for a VS windows form application?

I have made a windows form application in VS 2015. With the install shield plugin I am trying to make an installer so I can run the app on my target device. This is at the moment a windows 7 embedded panel PC. Later I also need to make the application work on a windows 7 XP embedded PC.

I installed dotnet 4.0 on the panel PC but my application would not do anything. So I've been told that I need an installer. The problem I am having is that this IS software produces a .isl file. Something neither of my windows machine recognize?

How do I make a good installer with this IS plugin?
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Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

You would add your app files and any other appropriate files or system configurations to your InstallShield Limited Edition project (.isl) file. You could use a custom action if you have an exe you would like to run which you can do at the end of the installation. There is a tab in the Project Assistant called Installation Interview which you can check an option to launch an exe upon clicking the finish button. You would then need to build and test your installation. I would recommend checking out the section "getting started" In the help library of InstallShield.

I hope this helps.
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