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How do you set the contents of a control through InstallScript in a Suite/Advanced project?

The basic questions I'm trying to answer: After changing a property in an InstallScript action, how do you update a control that displays that property value?  

This seems to work if you set the property before the GUI starts, but not if you call the script in a Page Entered.  

More details:

I need to create a descriptive summary of features selected and display them in a Label or TextBox control.   The dialog also has a "Change" button, so the user can change the features in a separate dialog.  

The summary might be something like this:

English (required)
Additional Languages:
       Spanish, French


  • I created a property under Property Manager (SelectedLanguagesList) and gave it a value of "This needs to be filled in by SetSelectedLanguagesList()"
  • Created a function, SetSelectedLanguagesList() which sets the property "SelectedLanguagesList" based on the selected features.
  • Created an Action in Events. 
  • Created a TextBox control and set the Property to SelectedLanguagesList.  
  • In the Wizard Interface, I added a Page Entered action to call my SetSelectedLanguagesList() function to the page containing the textbox.  

When the install runs, the Action runs and logs this: 

8-5-2019[02:27:54 PM]: Engine: property 'SelectedLanguagesList' value now 'English (Required)'

However, the Textbox doesn't show this, it still says "This needs to be filled in by SetSelectedLanguagesList()".

Also note that users may selected more features to install, so I want to call SetSelectedLanguagesList() again and update the summary text with the new value.

Maybe there's another way to implement this, but I haven't found anything in the documentation or on the web.  




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Level 3

I did not include a "return 0" at the end of the function, so it appears to cancel any SetSuiteProperty calls back to their original values. I wasn't able to find any reference to return codes for Actions in the documentation, so maybe this will help someone.
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Revenera Community Admin Revenera Community Admin
Revenera Community Admin

Hi Bill,

It looks as though you have a specific product question. I'll go ahead and move this to the product forum so it gets the attention of your peers and the Flexera team.



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