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Create MSI package build using Azure DevOps Pipeline

Hello All,

I am looking at different options to create MSI package output using Azure DevOps pipelines. The MSI build pipeline output will be published to Artifactory. 

What are different options available, Its pre-requisites and step-by-step documentation to do lab trial ?

Doing some search, it seems from    we can use CLS and Azure DevOps. Can we get trial CLS Id to try it out in Sandbox environment ?

If we are forced to take non CLS route by our security team , Can we deploy InstallShield on DevOps agent and create MSI Package as output in Artifacts using Azure DevOps Pipeline ? Any step-by-step documentation we can follow to do trial in Sandbox environment ?  

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Hi @riteshmehta66 ,

 Yes, installshield supports build project using azure pipeline, you can refer our KB article on azure pipeline builds,triggering%20the%20InstallShield%20project%20build.

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Thanks for your reply.

We would like to explore all options available for building MSI packages via Azure DevOps Pipeline. Could you please provide a bulleted/numbered list so that we are aware of all options and can carry out conversations on some option if needed.

In the above option you provided pointer, it needs 'InstallShield Build Extension' to be installed to Azure DevOps Organization.  Security is a top concern being a large financial institution and getting approvals is rigorous and lengthy process to approve Extensions. I would like to check if there are alternate ways to build MSI Package with Azure DevOps Pipeline without using 'InstallShield Build Extension' ?   Like for E.g.

a) Install InstallShield silently on self-hosted devops agent (using Microsoft provided agents are not used. We only use self-hosted devops agent) 

b) Checkout GitHub repo

c) Use CLI to build MSI package and save it to Artifactory. 

        Checking if above provided E.g. is viable ?


So request you to please list all options available to create MSI package with Azure DevOps Pipeline (using 'InstallShield Build Extension' pointed above is one of the option)

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