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Set multiple registry values through InstallScript

Hello everyone,

In my installer I set multiple registry values through InstallScript, however right now I do this in a less than ideal way:

Here an example on how I set the InstallDir property:

1. I create a CustomAction 'MakePropertiesAvailableForSetRegKeyValueForInstallDir'

     a. I set the Property Name: SetRegKeyValueForInstallDir and the Property Value: [INSTALLDIR]

2. I create a CustomAction 'SetRegKeyValueForInstallDir'

     a. I set the Function Name CreateInstallDirRegistryKeyAndSetValue

3. I add the following code to the InstallScript Setup.rul file:



export prototype CreateInstallDirRegistryKeyAndSetValue(HWND);

function CreateInstallDirRegistryKeyAndSetValue(hMSI)

    STRING szKey, szNumName, szNumValue, svNumValue, szTitle, szMsg;

    NUMBER nType, nSize, nvType, nvSize;


    szKey = "Gomocha";
    // Create "Gomocha" registry key in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT

    if (RegDBCreateKeyEx (szKey, "") < 0) then

        MessageBox ("Creating the registry key failed.", SEVERE);


	nvSize = MAX_PATH;
	MsiGetProperty(hMSI, "CustomActionData", szNumValue, nvSize);

    szNumName  = "InstallDir";

    nType      = REGDB_STRING;

    nSize      = -1;

	RegDBSetKeyValueEx (szKey, szNumName, nType, szNumValue, nSize);





This works fine, but I have 26 properties that I want to add in the registry. Is there a more easy way to set these through InstallScript? Can anyone show me a clear example?


Ideally I want to setup multiple properties so: [INSTALLDIR],[BACKUPDIR],[SORTIMPORT]

And then loop over them, I just have no clue how to do this in InstallScript. 

I'm using InstallShield 2023 R1.

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