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Copy files into installer directory


I'm quite new to InstallShield, so the solution to my question might be very easy.

I want to include a directory with some additional data into my installer. These directories will be filled by our customers before they distribute the installer to their clients. The installer should look something like this:

-- + Custom
------ + EmptyDirectory1
------ + Directory 2
---------- Data.txt
-- Setup.exe

I tried with a feature for the custom subfolder, that contains a component with Dynamic File Linking as content, but this approach has two problems:

- Empty directories are ignored / not created
- The software creates additional subfolders containing the Custom folder. The additional folders are depending on where the original Custom folder lies on the drive.

This step of copying this custom folder to the installer was performed manually up to now. But since we would like to have an automated generation of the installer, we woud have to include this step to the buld process.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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Level 7

I think the Behavior and Logic - Support Files - Advanced Files - Disk1 view may meet your needs. You can add a folder structure there, and it will be copied directly to the Disk1 folder at build time.
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Level 2

How about the use of VBS to handle the creation of empty folders?
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Level 2

Thanks to both of you. The solution from Ajay works very well (a 2500 pages manual seems too big to find easy answers like this. 🙂 )

I have another question:
What would be the best approach to have the version information of a single DLL as version number for the whole installer?

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