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Level 8

Disable Cancel button for Basic MSI

I need to disable the Cancel button on the SetupProgress dialog after a certain point of no return during the installation. I was hoping to do this using an InstallScript function called by a deferred custom action.

However, I have gotten VBScript code to work

Const msiMessageTypeCommonData = &H0B000000
Set rec = Installer.CreateRecord(2)
rec.IntegerData(1) = 2
rec.IntegerData(2) = 0
Message msiMessageTypeCommonData, rec

but this hides the Cancel button, I would really prefer to disable it. Is there a way to change this VBScript to do that if there's no way to disable the cancel button using InstallScript?
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Level 8

anyone have an idea? I've seen several threads on this issue, but not the answer I'm looking for.
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