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Flexera beginner

Control progress bar in a Basic MSI installer

I've been trying to work on the progress bar in a Basic MSI installer I have, but with no success. My installer is mainly composed of powershell based Custom Actions (no file copies from the main setup design). Unfortunately, non of my CAs actually affect the progress bar. 

I've gone through the docs and forum, but nothing I do seems to affect the progress bar in anyway.

I have setup a sample repo with a project to try to isolate and work on the behavior, at . This latest version is using lower level calls to MsiRecordSetInteger() but I had previously tried using SetStatusWindow() with no success, either.

I want each (at this point in time) for each CA to advance the progress bar a bit, but all I get is a blank progress most of the installer's work time. I've added a few MessageBox() calls to help debug what is going on.

Any help figuring this out is highly appreciated!

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Flexera banna_k

Re: Control progress bar in a Basic MSI installer

Hi @MiguelAlho :


Related KB article on adding custom actions progress to the progress bar.


Did you tried the sample custom action code provided by the Microsoft to update the progress bar:


If so, see whether your custom action code is getting executed during the installation. may be you can put a message box(or debug) and verify it  is getting executed.

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Flexera beginner

Re: Control progress bar in a Basic MSI installer

Hi @banna_k ,


Thanks for your quick reply. Yes I tried both - the first article suggests using a dll / VBscript - in this case I tried with Installscript as the functions that are described by the MS docs are available in the Installscript code. The code can be seen at the Setup.rul file in the repo (direct link: ). 

I added message boxes to know what is being executed at each moment (and they popup) and delays to give the UI time to update, but no change in the progress bar is visible.

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