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Skip License Agreement dialog box - Installshield 2019 (urgent)

Hi all, I cannot find an easy way to hide the License agreement box when installing our product. I have upgraded to IS 2019 and am not finding it's help sufficient.


Anybody able to help?

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Flexera Alumni

Hi @mandeep_chana ,

You can achieve it by doing below steps:

You can navigate to:

• Dialogs view
• Select InstallWelcome
• Click on Behavior
• Click on Next (Control Name)
• On the Events Tab you will have NewDialog | LicenseAgreement | 1
• Click in the Argument (LicenseAgreement) column
• Select from the list the dialog you want to come after the InstallWelcom
• Select the dialog you’ve chosen to be after the InstallWelcome



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Thanks Jennifer.

Do you know which option I should select for it to just jump it a "typical" screen of installation? Will it be Ready to Install?

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Hi @mandeep_chana ,


Yes it is ReadyToInstall page.


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