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C++ Apps build with VS2012 don't get installed with InstallShield2012 Spring Prof

Hi guys,

I've run into a strange issue after migrating a C++ app from VS2010 to VS2012.
I used InstallShield 2012 Spring Professional both for VS2010 and VS2012 related App binaries.
For the App built with VS2010, everything worked smooth and the installation succeeds fine.
For the App built with VS2012, I didn't find the corresponding Visual C++ ATL, CRT, MFC, etc packages corresponding to VS2012 to be checked in the InstallShield 2012 Spring Professional.
The only check available related to VS2012 is related to Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2012 Redistributable Package (x86 or x64).
Even if the installer executable is built, when running the installation, error 1920 occurs:
Service '[SERVICE]' failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services.

I'm using the same machine where the installation for VS2010 built App succeeds, so it is not a problem related to privileges - for sure.
It must be related to the missing Visual C++ ATL, CRT, MFC, etc package from the InstallShield 2012 Spring available redistributables list.
Please note, that I've installed InstallShield 2012 Spring SP1 as well, but the result is the same.
Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you,
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I finally found the root cause of the issue - it was related to the 2012 vcredist target machines.
It seems that is no need to check all the Visual C++ MFC, ATL, etc packages for 2012 (they are missing from the redistributable list anyway). It is enough to check for the Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 redistributable and define as conditions the target machines.
I placed the solution above in case that someone else is running into the same trouble as I did.

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Hi Mcserqiu

Would you please provide more details about how to solve the problem? 

I have an old project.  It is in VisualStudio 2012.  It is a solution with C# projects and a C++ project.  It uses InstallShield 2012.

Now, I have only Visual Studio 2019, and install shield 2019.  When opening the solution, it prompt to upgrade to use V140.  

 It is OK to build the solution. However, in the end of installation, I hits the Error 1920.



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Hi @mcsergiu ,


 Are you installing any service as part of your installer,

As you have migrated your C++ projects to the latest version, VS2019 /VC140, did you checked whether the target machine having the corresponding VC run time to run your application. if it is not you can add the corresponding prerequisites in your project.

See below KB  article related to this error:

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