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are these two email addresses still working, OActivations@flexerasoftware.com and offlineactivations@installshield.com?

OActivations@flexerasoftware.com and 



I am trying to reactivate my license following this post https://community.flexera.com/t5/InstallShield-Knowledge-Base/InstallShield-Reactivation-Error-50040/ta-p/5641


When I am doing offline return, it's over 24 hours after I sent the request email. I haven't received the replay yet.


They were working last year when I did the reactivation.



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Hi @YS2011,


"OActivations@flexerasoftware.com" works  usually, some cases it may not due to some network /server issue.

In that case, you can contact Flexera support 

You can get the contact details from the following links depending on your region:

Or you can also contact via mail, support@flexerasoftware.com.

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Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

If you are using InstallShield version 2014 and newer, you can process your offline request using below URL (on any machine with internet):


For older versions (2013 and older), I think OActivations@flexerasoftware.com should work.

You can also email to support@flexerasoftware.com or you can call the support number and will help you activate InstallShield, regardless of a maintenance plan or your use of an End of Life version of InstallShield.

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