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Basic MSI vs. InstallScript MSI package

I need to package a Visual Studio 2005 application(C#) using the .NET Framework 2.0. Within the package the following needs to be done -

1. Call programs - An encrypter C# program for the password. A Powerbuilder program to determine application versions and apply database updates accordingly.

2. List available web sites on an IIS server in a dialog, so that the User can determine where to create the application. Any sample code?

3. Update the config XML file.

4. Hide/show items in a single dialog screen determined by user based input entered on the SAME dialog screen. (Not necessary but a nice feature to have).

Which kind of package would you suggest, basic MSI or InstallScript MSI?
Are there any sample MSI packages that I could look at? Preferably one that packages a web application (creates virtual directories etc.).

Any help much appreciated.
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Level 4

A Basic MSI package can fulfill all of your listed requirements. :cool:
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Level 5

If you are going to do any IIS configuration I would suggest using IS2010 instead of IS2009.
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Level 2

IS2010 sounds like a good solution. TextFileChange can be used for web config changes. However, I still see no function to list the available web sites on a client's machine. We still need to code this?

In addition can I create IS2010 packages from within Visual Studio 2005? Or do I need to upgrade to VS 2008? We also use the .Net Framework 2.0.

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