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Add some selective features/ subfeatures to a new release build through Automation

I am using Install Script in Install Shield 2013 on Windows 7, Lang Used C#.

I have a project and it has some features and sub features added to it. Now I want to build a new release using Automation Interface need to add some selective features/ subfeatures to this release so that the original features remains unaltered.

We can pass the New release name and features required in this release using Command Line.

How can I add selective features supplied as command line arguments to my release. Is there any predefined Object/function/Method for this. Please advise.

Need to achieve this in Install Script only.
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Level 3

Hi Can Some One please help.

At least please advise Is there any function like this or not. I need something like IncludeInBuild which do not alters the default IncludeInbuild of the Feature. Only alters for the current release being build.

Thanks in Advance
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