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Need to alter an XML file in a 64 bit location from a 32 bit installer.


I am running into a rather severe issue where I need to make several configuration changes to the Reporting Services configuration file on a 64 bit installation of SQL using a 32 bit installer. I have tried using InstallScript to grab an Environment variable, and set the directory manually, but it doesn't seem to effect where the file change happens at.

I have an XML file change set to use the "SSRSDIRECTORY" file destination. This is what it looks like in the XML File Changes section:

I have tried running the following script both deferred in the Installation Script and immediate at the top of the install in the GUI and neither seem to have any effect. This is the function as written in code:

// Gets the value for the 64 bit Program Files directory from the PROGRAMW6432 Environment variable and
// assigns it to the SSRSDIRECTORY Directory path.
function GetProgramFilesDirectory(hMSI)
STRING szToken, szDir, szOut;
NUMBER nLength, nResult;

szToken = "PROGRAMW6432";
nResult = GetEnvVar(szToken, szDir);

if(nResult == 0) then
szOut = szDir + "\\Microsoft SQL Server\\MSRS11.ARIESSQL\\Reporting Services\\ReportServer";
MsiSetTargetPath(hMSI, "SSRSDIRECTORY", szOut);


I had added a MessageBox internal to the if clause to determine that the environment variable was being correctly set. So I know that the SSRSDIRECTORY value is being set somewhere. I'm stuck at an impasse at this point, and any help would be appreciated.

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Have you looked at File System Redirection while working on InstallScript?
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