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Level 2

API to call DLL or EXE?

Hi I am using a Basic MSI project (InstallShield 2010). Is there an API I can use to call the DLL or EXE? Thanks.
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Flexera Alumni

Windows Installer supports launch-an-EXE custom actions. It also supports custom actions that call DLL functions that you've developed that use a specific function signature, and there's an InstallShield extension that supports custom actions for other DLL functions.

If you specifically want to use script, InstallScript has a LaunchApplication function, and syntax for prototyping and calling DLL functions (UseDLL and the like).
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Level 8

What do you do when the DLL you are referencing in the UseDLL call takes parameters that have data types that InstallShield doesn't support (like unsigned short, unsigned int and byte[])? What then? Any suggestions? Thank you.
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