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Level 7

RHEL3 build fails

Im using IA2008 VP1 and have added 'expand archive' actions. I get the following error during installer build

Assembling installer components...^M error in opening zip file^M
at Method)^M

Any idea what does this error mean?
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Level 7

May be IA is not able to Extract the archive.
try simple making .zip file.
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Level 20

Notice the ^M at the end of each line? This usually means a file transfer problem between Windows and Unix/Linux (Enter is CRLF on Windows but only LF on Unices, hence the extra character Unix interprets as a separate character). So to me it looks like you've transferred your .iap_xml file which is a text file maybe in binary mode on Linux, so it got "corrupted" in the process. Try the dos2unix command on your project .iap_xml file, that should fix the issue.
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