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Level 4

silent uninstall issue

hi all, can you please help me on below issues

1. can we remove features using Change_productname_install.exe

im trying following command

C:\Program Files (x86)\company\productname\_Productname_installation>Change_productname_install.exe -i silent -DCHOSEN_INSTALL_FEATURES_LIST=Featurename

it is uninstalling entire product instead of particular feature

is it correct command to remove feature.or is there any other way.

2. why do we need to add "-D" before parameter in silent install command

e.g: setup.exe -i silent -Daddlocal=all -Dportnumber=8041

thanks in advance
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Level 9

1. I think the uninstall property to set for partial uninstallation is $FEATURE_UNINSTALL_LIST$.

From Help:
The $FEATURE_UNINSTALL_LIST$ a comma-delimited list of features (display name, not short name) the user chose to uninstall.

2. -D is how java understand property options. Check java -help for more info.

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Level 4

There are some limitations in IA regarding feature uninstall in silent mode, as per Flexera knowledge base, Maintenance Mode is not supported in silent mode. If you run the Maintenance Mode launcher in Silent mode, the launcher will uninstall the product.

refer below link
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