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Installs Created Using licensed version shows "InstallAnywhere Notice"

I am using a licensed version of Install Anywhere 2008 for creating my executables and I have been facing the following issues in my Installer.
As soon as someone launches the executable created, a popup comes up showing "InstallAnywhere Notice" This installer was created with an unlicensed version of InstallAnywhere.
Please contact about licensing.
Now : This Install Anywhere Installation is licensed and works fine for a separate installer and only on this one, it shows this error. I checked the license and it is licensed via a license server which hosts our licenses. We have a fully licensed version of the software and this error should not have occured.
I am attaching the image of the alert so that you can take a look into it.
I am not sure why this error pops up even though the copy is licensed.
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Is this issue resolved ? my team reported similar issue today ( on InstallAnywhere version 2009) and want to start from here.

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Did you manage to overcome this is issue. We are facing the same now.
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Technical Writer
Technical Writer

There is an existing knowledge base article about this error message displaying on a licensed version of InstallAnywhere.

Error "This is an Incomplete Installation of InstallAnywhere Evaluation":

If the issue persists after following the steps in the knowledge base article, please contact Technical support.

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When launching an installer created using InstallAnywhere (for windows or linux) we've started receiving a pop up alert saying:


InstallAnywhere Notice:

This installer was created with an unlicensed version of InstallAnywhere.

Please contact about licensing.


Our license is valid and this started happening all of a sudden. 

We've reviewed the community questions and found this (which seems exactly the same):

But here there is no solution, only a reference to which is not exactly our case (it's related to Evaluation period).


How can this be fixed?




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