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Insert new media dialog is getting displayed during product installation


I am using InstallAnywhere 2021 for product installation. Recently I have observed that "Insert New Media" dialog gets displayed during the installation and it expects user to insert Disk1/2 for further installation.

Please refer the below screenshot for reference.

As mentioned on Page 203 of IA 2020 SP1 user guide (Link below), I re-checked if "Build CD-ROM Installers" checkbox setting is ON in Build > Build Installers > Build Configurations >  Distributions > CD-ROM Installer Options however this setting is not selected in my project IAP.xml file.

InstallAnywhere 2020 SP1 User Guide 

Please let me know if anyone has solution for this problem.


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Since it is CD-ROM installer and I think the size is limited to around 4GB. What is your installer size?

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CD-ROM Installer setting is OFF in my IA project however I am still getting Insert New Media message during installation. Installer size is ~1.2 Gb.

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Please open a Support Case for this issue and we will be happy to assist.  Opening a Support Case allows us to better track the issue you are experiencing.  Thanks.

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Case #02758413 has been created for this issue. Please check and provide an urgent resolution.

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