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Executing a Target File with a condition


I have added an Action to Execute a Target File in order to run the installed application.exe after the installer completes.

This is fine and it runs the application after the installation completes.


Now I need to add a check box to ask the user to launch the application or finalize the installer without launching the application:


If checked: Execute the Target File action and exit from the installer.

If not checked: Exist from the installer without running the application.exe

My InstallAnywhere version is: 2021 SP2



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Level 3

I found that the Install Complete panel has the launch settings tab.

1. Check the check box (Launch the target application on successful installation)

2. Check the radio button (Specify a command)

3. Add the command as ($USER_INSTALL_DIR$$/$app.exe) in the available input box

By doing this user can get the option check box to Launch the application after the install completes conditionally.

The only problem was the target application is automatically running before pressing the DONE button if I select the Launch Application check box and press the BACK button to change or review the installation and come back by pressing the NEXT button to the install complete window.

Steps to re-create the issue:

1. Install the application and come to the install complete window

2. Check the Launch Application check box

3. Do not press the DONE button

4. Press the back button instead

5. Review previous installation options

6. Click next until the Install successful interface appear.

There, the target application is automatically running without pressing the DONE button.

My question is to stop the running installed application until I press the DONE button and exit from the installer.


Thank you



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