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Application Server Deployment

I am currently downloading the evaluation, in the meantime are there any users out there using this?

Specifically, I am concerned with the following:

  • Is there WebLogic 9.x support? If not out of the box, is it possible?
  • Is there a way to install other resources besides an application into the server? E.g., datasource descriptors, timer managers, work managers, etc?
  • Why is remote deployment not supported on WebSphere?
  • Is there a way to extend this feature? E.g. is it possible to implement my own action that would deploy to a currently unsupported server?

Also coming from IS Multiplatform, I have had a number of issues with configuration of wars/ears before deployment. Configuration generally consists of updating various xml files, that live with an ear, or a war with in an ear file. Is IA 2008 any better in that regard?

And finally, is it possible to run through the installation, configuration and deployment of an ear and then rerun the installation to just reconfigure and redploy?

Any information provided would be helpful.

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Level 7

I recently looked and didn't see the WL 9 support out of the box.
I do much stuff with WL 9 but it is all custom code. I also do the modifying of the text files inside the ear. Depending on the size of the ear, it could be slow, but it works.

Yes JWeber, this is Kevin.
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Level 6

Sent you a PM!
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