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Panel Action Help section HTML - Is it possible to insert images?


With regards to the help sections for each Panel Action, whereby you can use HTML markup to create a simple help page/document. I'm looking to hopefully include a company image or other helpful images within this help window using HTML IMG tags.

The issue I have is that I'm unable to construct a relative path that the installer can use to render the image.

I've done some digging and can see my images are located within a zip file : at runtime.

So, I'm wondering is it even possible to link to an IMG tag to a local image file? I assume a remote image URL hosted somewhere would work but I ideally need it to point to a bundled image within the installer (temp/working) directory.

If it is possible, where would the directory location for me to construct the relative path be?

Many thanks in advance,

Windows 7 64bit
InstallAnywhere 2011 Enterprise
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Level 20

I'm not sure that this is even possible (i.e. include more than text in the Help sections).
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