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Issue with SQL Clusters

Good afternoon!I have what I hope is a simple question. I have deployed the collector to look at ~ 100 servers in a datacenter. I received a list of IP's that were fed to the collector and data collection began. On 8 servers (all MSSQL) I am getting ...

licenses issue

i'm juhyeon from NDSWe have a problem.8 licenses have been registered, and the number of core licenses currently appears to be -2.I tried to register an additional 66 licenses, but the following message appears.[You're trying to license 1 devices. Yo...

Solved assessment delete problum

I have a question.I created multiple ratings for testing, but I can't find a button to delete it.How do I delete an assessment?As an additional question,what port do you use to get Linux performance information?

Flexera API Integration

Which API call can be used to pull information on all devices? Using the online documentation/tool, the appropriate one appears to be the search call using * as a wildcard. But this gives unknown devices.

Business Service Flows

I am trying to export a traffic report from: add intelligence > available reports > detailed application dependency data. I am not able to filter on the app stack/app name because we do not have them all confirmed yet. How do I filter based on the se...