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Microsoft Error code: NT code 0x80080005

Hi all,NT code 0x80080005 I'm trying to validate a windows server but seeing the above Mircrosoft error code. As far as I know, the credentials have the correct privilege levels and I am able to log into the server without any issue.There seems to be...

Solved Cloudscape SCE deploy regions

Hi all,For a typical SCE deploy of cloudscape, aka SaaS, what are the possible regions if many where data are located?I remember AWS US-North mzr, would check if something more was added, across EMEA nd if that can be choosed.ThanksMichele

Anybody use Risc networks Cloudscape?

I don't want to get called a million times by a sales person. I was just curious how' much it costs. I am working for a small company and I think this would be a good tool but I think it might be pretty expensive.Also do you need to by the foundation...

Moving to cloud.. wondering about licensing.

We have multiple databases that are about 4tb total. We only need 64gb memory and 8 vcpus so I am thinking when we move to cloud we also downgrade from standard to web edition. Am I crazy? I dont see anything that would cause performance problems but...

Report Microsoft SQL Server Version and Edition

Is there a way outside of the database module to determine the version and edition of MSSQL Server within CloudScape? Perhaps an Advanced Ruleset? Microsoft offers some insight in this article: