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Stack content synchronization

I want to be able to update cloudscape stack membership to reflect relationships from another inventory and only use "Build Stacks" for the leftovers (since doing this part is essentially "the hard way".  


Problem:  While I can easily build an initial load, I can't very easily maintain my inventory if devices are removed from a stack or data in my source of truth gets updated to reflect different application mappings.  Neither the bulk upload template, nor the API provide a way to REMOVE a device from a stack.  Can you update the bulk upload template to have an action column similar to how tags work?

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By Level 3 Flexeran
Level 3 Flexeran

HI Tim! I apologize for the delay. As you noticed, the logic is not currently in place to remove devices from stacks as easily as it is to add them. This was a sort of protective measure to avoid massive accidental stack changes without the ability to recover the previous profile.


However, a workaround can be found as I know you are familiar with the tag upload feature. You can use the tag upload to add desired tags to these devices, filter on that tag in the Assets page, and make multiple stack modifications based on the filtered returns. Please let me know if the above does not offer any assistance and we could schedule some time to walk through it.

If you'd like to add the initial request you had to our ideas board, the Product team will have access to review the request as well.


Brooks Wallace

Flexera Support Team