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Server not fully discovered, device type shoiwng - "Virtual_unknown"



I have one query. I need to discover 5 server . i have added domain id in RN150 portal and subnet as well, and initiate scan .

But its showing "unknown" hostname for that server IP in CS Tool.

Than i have added Vcenter details in Vmware for that 5 servers.

Not i am able to see max details in CS tool corresponding to VM info . But when i am trying to fetch dependency report fir that 5 server . Its not coming up .

because in CS Tool , device type is showing "Virtual_unknown" .

I have tried to validate these server - its showing ICMP failure error .

Please suggest , what can i do .

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Hi ektaverma,

When a device is discovered as virtual-unknown, this means the device was reported through VMware it, however, none of the support protocol ports were seen as open. 

For more information on the various device types, please see the online documentation link below.

When validate collection results is showing an ICMP failure, this means that the RN150 virtual appliance sent a ping request to the device, however, the device did not respond back. ICMP can be blocked at the network level or locally on the device. The RN150 must be able to ping and receive replies back for a device to be successfully discovered.

I recommend reaching out to the device administrators and/or the network team for more information regarding the ICMP failures.

Please note, device dependency data (netstat and process data) is only collected from the operating system. A limitation of VMware is that netstat and process data cannot be provided. Any device that is a virtual-unknown is not properly discovered at the operating system level. Once the ICMP failure issue has been resolved, please request a rescan from the RN150 main Dashboard.

Please let me know if you have questions.

Thank you,

Mark Jamison

Flexera Support Team