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I have 58 servers that are showing the error

"WMI credential JDC unsuccessful: NTSTATUS: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED - Access denied".

However, the credentials are correct and he is a member of the "Local Administrator" group of all servers.

can you help me?

****Attachment evidence.


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Will you please confirm if the mentioned servers are joined to a domain or workgroup servers? 

The NTSTATUS: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED - Access denied indicates the account does not have the correct privileges to access the WMI classes on the remote host. Please find the below link to a Microsoft article that will detail the required permissions for enabling an account for remote WMI access:

UAC & WMI (Account Requirements)

As an option, you can use Wbemtest.exe utility that is included on all Windows systems to confirm the user account has the correct WMI privileges. Please find the below detail on using wbemtest.exe.

Below are instructions on using wbemtest.exe to verify the account has the correct privilege level and that the service is running:


1) In Windows, select start, type wbemtest, select enter.
2) Select 'Connect' in the top right corner

Namespace = [file://(computer]\\(computer name)\root\cimv2 - enter this replacing computer name with hostname (or IP address) you wish to test to.

Enter the Windows account username and password

Select 'Connect'

Successful authentication will result in seeing WbemServices and the tabs are no longer greyed out. Failure to authenticate will result in an error message.

Once you have resolved the privilege issues please select request rescan in the virtual appliance dashboard to update the inventory.

Below is a link to a video on using wbemtest.exe:

How to Use wbemtest.exe to validate Windows Credentials:


Please let me know if you have questions.

Thank you,

Mark Jamison

Flexera Support Team