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Can we configure MFA to FDP and RN150

  1. Can we configure MFA to FDP and RN150
  2. Do we need any extra subscription to configure  MFA to FDP and RN150 .
  3. is there any video  showing the MFA configuration 



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By Level 5 Flexeran
Level 5 Flexeran

The web UI (portal) for your assessment(s) leverages MFA whether its hosted in SAAS or hosted on FDP (on-premise).  No administrative configuration is required.  Users set up their MFA options when registering an account for the Cloudscape product (


The management UIs for the appliances (FDP & RN150) do not have MFA.  As both appliances are hosted on premise consider restricting network accessibility to the management UI via internal network controls (acls, fw port restrictions, etc).