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Solved Max number of devices RN150 can handles

May I know how many devices can RN150 handles? Any document or recommendation for this?Does RN150 have a function for import devices inventory from spreadsheets in case we have many isolated networks?Can I modify or do the mapping application process...

aaaaaa by Level 6
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Solved Can't log into RISC Networks - need password

Hi,Was told my Vendor set me up with an account on RISC Networks, but unable to get a valid email to reset my password so I can get access.  Clicking on the link to Rest my password always gives me msg: Invalid URL. Unable to reset password.How do we...

gt-sea by Level 2
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Solved Device Metrics not showing data for licensed servers

Hi,We have 241 devices that are currently licensed. When I go into Consume Intelligence -> Device Metrics, I don't see any metrics for any of my licensed servers for the last month. The only data I can see is for the original 30 day Burst license fro...

akr257 by Level 2
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Solved Lost the data collected -

Hi Team,             We lost the data collected via the cloudscape. when we login now it is asking us to add the subscription details again. What could be a possible reason for this issue and how to get the collected data back in our login.  Any sugg...

Add agent to the Appliances

Customer wants to install security agent (Qualys) on the appliances (RN150, FlexDeploy). Is this possible? Don't think so, as we don't have access to the command shell. Could any of you confirm this?

network discovery

Does RN 150 captures all these data points listed below for network devices ? if yes how these are captured and for which kind of devices  and where i can get the report Operational• Routing Table• ARP Table• L2 Forwarding Table• Neighbor Information...