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Real life experience with Intune integraiton

Given the limitation that Microsoft has put on the ability to extract data from Intune (i.e. publisher data).  Our SAM team is trying to determine if we want to skip the integration altogether and simply deploy the agents.  I am looking for some real life experience with the data from folks that have done the Intune integration.

How was the data quality for installed software (missing titles, other gaps, etc.), when compared to what you would expect to see with the Agent?
Any specific issues with the actual integration (reliability, complexity, maintenance, etc.)?
Did anyone end up simply deploying the agent because they could not get what they needed from Intune?
Any other thoughts comments on Intune are welcomed.

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While it doesn't directly answer questions about Intune specifically, the following post may help with insights into benefits that can be realized by using the FlexNet inventory agent: The big choice for gathering inventory: the FlexNet inventory agent or tool "XYZ"?

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Hi @king_nolan ,

We did tried Intune integration there are lot's of information which it do not give compare to SCCM and FlexNet agent. Like it gives OS version instead of OS name which is not good. We skip it and deployed agents instead.

@king_nolan ,

We turned on InTune import for a short time, then turned it off. It was creating duplicate inventory items (we already use the agent and SCCM). Biggest issue was the VMware serial numbers. It strips the spaces out of the serial number (Microsoft says they are working on it), so it duplicated all of our VMware inventory items. This is an InTune issue, not an issue with the importer.

Erick Hacking, CSAM, CHAMP
IT Software Asset Manager, Lead Sr.