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License Harvest


Can someone please help how to achieve License Harvest from Flexera, here are my queries below. 

1)Is there is a report  in Flexera which describes/provides user's details(along with their machine name, login id, email address etc.) for users who are not using their software's more than 90 days? If this report not available is there any scope to create a custom report? If yes how to do it?(a step by step procedure would be helpful)

2)Can we configure SMTP into Flexera this is to send email notification to users from Flexera itself?

3)If point 2 can be possible, can we send email to bulk users from Flexera?

Thanks in Advance




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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Configuring a report listing inventory devices along with the following related reporting objects could detail the kind of information you've described:

  • Calculated (or assigned) user
  • Installed applications (with "is used" details)

The time period in which software must have been executed to be considered "used" is specified as a property on each application record in the ARL.

There isn't built-in capability to email report details. You'll find various prior forum discussions and ideas about this topic and approaches to handle it if you do some searching on this community site.

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