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Can Cisco webex online subscription be tracked in SAAS Manager

the customer has an in premise installation of Flexera FNMS, they do not want to go to the FNMS cloud.  Cisco Webex online subscription needs to be tracked.  they are using DUO in premise for 2factor authentication. 


can SAAS Manager help?

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Level 2 Flexeran
Level 2 Flexeran

Potentially yes.  Dou Security is one of the Flexera SaaS Manager integrated SSO applications.  If Cisco's online version of WebEx is managed through their Dou SSO then Cisco will appear as an integrated application once Dou Security integration is configured within Flexera SaaS Manager.  This connection will show active users of the Cisco Webex application. 

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Just to elaborate a bit on David's response...

SaaS Manager's Duo Security integration is for the cloud-hosted SAML Identity Provider, i.e. not the on-premise version. So you may have to extract the data from it and then create import jobs to push the data into SaaS Manager through its API. please refer to SaaS Management: Import Jobs API 

Likewise you may be able to extract more detailed license and usage statistics data from Cisco WebEx either through its APIs or reporting and then push this data into SaaS Manager through its API.



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