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By Level 8 Flexeran
Level 8 Flexeran

Previously in SaaS Management, insight into user activity within Slack (for Enterprise Grid) was limited to user logins. Through a new API, SaaS Management pulls in the analytics data for when Slack users were last active posting a message or reading at least one Slack channel or direct message. Software Asset Managers now have the required insights for tracking interactive user activity within Slack and enabling accurate right-sizing decisions. 

Actions Required for New SaaS Management Integrations with Slack (for Enterprise Grid) 

You must grant permissions for Slack (for Enterprise Grid) as detailed in the Slack (for Enterprise Grid) integration instructions. 

User activity tracking is provided through the following API endpoint. 

Application Access API Endpoint  

Actions Required for Existing SaaS Management Integrations with Slack (for Enterprise Grid) 

You must reauthorize the integration using the new scope, which replaced the auditlogs:read scope. The scope is required to view analytics information about members of enterprise grid workspaces. For details, refer to Slack's documentation. 

Org owner permission is required to grant Slack (for Enterprise Grid) scopes during the Integration authorize flow documented in the Slack (for Enterprise Grid) integration instructions. The app requesting this scope must be installed by an Org Owner of an Enterprise Grid organization. In addition, the app must be installed on the entire org, not on an individual workspace. For details, refer to Slack’s documentation. 

More information on new features and enhancements can be found in What's New in Flexera One.