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By Level 8 Flexeran
Level 8 Flexeran

Box, a content management platform for companies of all sizes and industries, is Flexera SaaS Management’s latest SaaS integration to help optimize license spend and license usage. To achieve this goal, you need to create SaaS Management’s new Box Client Credentials integration. 

Best Practice Flexera recommends creating the Box Client Credentials integration to view your organization’s Box license usage data. Any existing Box integrations in SaaS Management will be superseded by this new Box Client Credentials integration. 

Tip • The Box Client Credentials integration uses the more secure OAuth 2.0 with Client Credentials Grant Authentication Method.

Box Client Credentials Integration Features 

 The following Box Client Credentials integration features help you further manage your organization’s Box subscription. 

OAuth 2.0 with Client Credentials Grant Authentication Method 

The OAuth 2.0 with Client Credentials Grant authentication method is required to authorize this Box Client Credentials integration with SaaS Management. For details, refer to the Box Developer documentation section Client Credentials Grant.  

License Differentiation and License Types

This feature allows Software Asset Managers (SAMs) to differentiate between the multiple Box subscription plans (see the table below) that are available and being used by their organization’s users. To learn more about license differentiation, refer to Tracking Application Activity by License Type for License Differentiation.

Table -1 • Box License Type Descriptions

License Type


Business Starter
  • Recommended for users at small business, especially those in the initial stages of operations
  • Includes limited storage
  • Can only collaborate with other paying users
  • Recommended for users at small to medium-sized organizations that collaborate mostly with other internal users
  • Includes all Starter plan features plus unlimited storage, custom branding, and administrative controls over your Box account
Business Plus
  • Recommended for users at businesses in creative industries that collaborate and share often with external users
  • Includes all the Business plan features plus metadata capabilities
  • Can add as many users outside of your business as needed
  • Recommended for corporate businesses that need top-notch security and compliance features
  • Includes all Business Plus plan features plus use Box seamlessly with all cloud tools while meeting security and compliance needs across all devices
Enterprise Plus
  • Recommended for corporate businesses that need top-notch security and compliance features
  • Includes all Enterprise plan features plus Box Shield, Box Governance, Box Shuttle, Box Platform, enhanced services, and more.

Auto-Populated Box Client Credentials License Information 

The SaaS Management integration with Box Client Credentials offers a License Information integration task that automatically retrieves every 24 hours the name of the Box subscription and license type. This auto-populated Box Client Credentials license information provides a more complete view of your Box SaaS entitlements and component usage by displaying assigned entitlements and user’s license activity (based on the user’s last login). For more details, refer to the Box Client Credentials integration instructions.

Managing Available Box Client Credentials Licenses 

Once the License Information integration task for Auto-Populated Box Client Credentials License Information is enabled, you can add or remove the Box Client Credentials product licenses you wish to manage within SaaS Management. For more details, refer to the Box Client Credentials integration instructions.

Reclaiming Box Client Credentials Licenses 

SaaS Management’s SaaS license reclamation workflow offers SAMs the ability to optimize their organization’s Box licenses. To reclaim a Box user’s license, refer to Reclaiming SaaS Licenses

License Information and Reclamation API Endpoints

License Information 

Reclamation <<UserID>>

For further API information, refer to the Box Client Credentials integration instructions.

Application Task Tracking Chart

The Application Task Tracking chart includes the following integration features for Box Client Credentials:  

  • Application Access 
  • Application Roster
  • License Differentiation
  • License Information
  • Reclamation 

Additional Resources:

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