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By Level 9 Flexeran
Level 9 Flexeran


We are excited to inform you that Flexera One ITAM report executor API has been extended to increase the row limit to 10 million rows. Additionally, the API now supports content in both text/csv and application/json (default) format.

How it works

Users can now specify media type in the accept header when requesting to report executor API, as Flexera One ITAM report executor API now supports two media types. Report executor API response will provide the content in the specified format.

  1. application/json (Default)
  2. text/csv (user needs to specify part of the request)

By default, the report executor API will now return 10 million rows with a page size of 10000. For details, kindly refer to the current documentation of Flexera One IT Asset Management API.

Note: We are currently transitioning this API documentation to We will provide updates once this is complete.