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FlexNet Publisher Knowledge Base

Hasp4 Dongle Support for v11.18.x Toolkits

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Hasp4 dongles are no longer shipped by Revenera to its customer. Hence, we are considering it as End of Life for Hasp4 dongles. The end user docs will be updated accordingly. Revenera recommends replacing these older dongles with the newer 'Sentinel...
by Revenera Moderator jyadav Revenera Moderator

Windows 8.1 support for FNP

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Starting FNP-11.17.2, Windows 8.1 is no more a tested and supported platform. After careful consideration this decision was taken. That's the reason, Windows 8.1 has also not been mentioned under the testing platform in release notes of V11.17.2 to ...
by Revenera Moderator jyadav Revenera Moderator