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lmadmin 11.19.4 command line change from 11.19.2


We are upgrading from 11.19.2 to 11.19.4.   To setup the vendor daemon we use "lmadmin -force -import </path/license file> -config </path/config file>"  After upgrading to 11.19.4 this fails with an error of "Error: Vendor daemon path mentioned for vendor <daemon> is an absolute path other than the allowed ones.". 

We found that using the -vdSearchPaths parameter fixes the issue, but I am trying to find out why this is required.  Was there a security issue?  Is it not actually required and something needed to be updated in out config file?  Any light anyone could shed on why we need to change our command line would be helpful.

Thank you

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Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

I tried to run a similar command and did not get any error on the latest kit:

D:\CASES\02788690-lmadmin3Server\x64_n6-\x64_n6\lmadmin-x64_n6->lmadmin.exe -force -import demo\demo.lic -config conf\server.xml
Configured new vendor daemon, demo.

Not sure as to why you are observing that behavior. Am I missing anything in my test ?

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