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How to count license denials correctly?

Hi ,
We we are using FlexLM license manager to manage license of various EDA tools (lmgrd v11.16).
Question is that how can we correctly count the number of license denials ?. 
We have multiple sets keys for each license feature , example - 
feature1  expires on 30 Oct 2023 having 15 keys ( set1)
feature1 expires on 60 Oct 2023 having 20 keys (set2)

So in debug logs it seems that even if we have 35 keys we still get feature denial messages due to the fact that all 15 keys of set1 are in use. ideally the denial messages should pop up if all 35 are in use and there is demand for more.

Is there a reliable way/tool to count  license denials  which considers the available set of keys to count the actual license denials?

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correction - 
feature1 expires on 60 Oct 2023 having 20 keys (set2)
corrected - feature1 expires on 06 Oct 2023 having 20 keys (set2)

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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Hi @puneet336 both the lines are FEATURE or INCREMENT Lines?

FEATURE and INCREMENT lines describe the license model for a product. Only the first FEATURE line for a given feature

name is processed by the vendor daemon. If you want to have additional copies of the same feature (for example, to have multiple node-locked, counted features), then you must use multiple INCREMENT lines. INCREMENT lines form license groups, or pools, based on the following fields:

feature name

  • version
  • TZ
  • VENDOR_STRING (if configured by the publisher as a pooling component)

If two lines differ by any of these fields, a new group of licenses called a license pool, is created in the vendor daemon, and this group is counted independently from other license pools with the same feature name.

so if the above matches then 15 keys are created in a single license pool and 20 keys created a another license pool, in this case, it will not be 35 keys. 

If all the values match in both the lines then it will create a single pool of 35keys then the denial is after 35, if not then the first denial is more than 15 checkout, and it will go to the next pool and checkout will be successful.

Best Regards,

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