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No UMN1 on a physical machine

I have a physical PC (not a VM) where only the UMN2 value has a value, the UMN1 is blank.

My understanding is that the UMN1 should be filled in and based on the HDD (in this case it's a SSD not a rotating drive) serial number. I'm confused about why this is not being filled in.

I'm using FNP 11.19.3 on a Windows 7 PC. Yes, the disk serial number is being returned by WMI.

Any ideas on why it's not being filled in. It is on other Windoes 7 PC's, just on this one it is not.


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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Hi @keith_thomas Can you please check and share the following details 

1. appcomptranutil -unique

2. Get-PhysicalDisk |Format-List

3. wmic /namespace:\\root\microsoft\windows\storage path msft_disk get Model,BusType,SerialNumber,AdapterSerialNumber


It would be good to raise a support case and share all these details with the case and let me investigate further and help to find out why UMN1 is missing. 

Best Regards,


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