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FNPlicensingService.exe V

Hello Support Flexera

in our application we use FNPlicensingService.exe V

a EURESYS_00933e00_event.log is created and Error [P:4468],[T:5320] EventCode: 30000006 is display.

Currently known EventCode: 30000006 , 3000001e , 3000001d & 3000000b

after that, FNPlicensingService.exe service is no longer usable. Is Blocked.

Can you share what Error [P:4468],[T:5320] EventCode: 30000006 , …b, …1d,…1e means.

We can solve the problem?

I would be very grateful for an answer
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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Hi @Thomas_dorn Thanks for the query,  seems like the FNP version is very old which is 11.9.0 and this version was out of support as of now. 

Also, the Trusted stage event code is for internal investigation so it's not possible to share it outside, however, if you raise a support case with Truesed storage files along with event logs then we can investigate and update why there was a breakage in the TS licenses. 

Best Regards,

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Thanks for the answer.

How can I start an internal investigation?

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Hi, @Thomas_dorn Please raise a support case with all the details, our team (Revenera team) will investigate and give more details for the event. 

Best Regards,

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Thank you for your quick response

Now I checked with our next update we will use FNPlicensingService.exe V

Could fix the bug with EventCode: 30000006 , 3000001e , 3000001d & 3000000b from V11.09.0.0. already solved there?

Then it would no longer be necessary to start the internal investigation.

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Hi @Thomas_dorn The error codes are linked with binding brakes or anchor breaks which can happen due to the system's operations like OS reboot, systems H/W changes and security batch updates etc etc.  So we have to find what was the cause of that TS license break with an investigation only, so upgrading to the latest version from the old version is good and if you have the same issue then we need a support case, Trusted storage files along with events logs. 

Best Regards,


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