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Transfer Split functionality in LLM

Transfer Split functionality in LLM

This article provides an overview of the Transfer Split functionality in LLM.
Different use cases with examples have been described in separate articles.

Allow a user to transfer all the order lines, their licenses, hosts, their FNE mappings and Devices to another Account.
Transfer of a full order will not change ownership of the order, it will still be owned by the original Account.

Transfer of a full order will not be allowed when there are host or device bound fulfillments that cross over to other orders (except for host id ANY/DEMO cases).
Activation code upon transfer (only) can be retained – this is controlled by a property and a request has to be made to Revenera if it has to be enabled/disabled.

Allow a user to allocate unfulfilled quantity to another Account (either a regular Account or an Allocation Account).
This functionality is available through the UI, XML transaction, and Batch Converter templates. This is not available as a web service. Transaction logging has also been implemented.
There is a new template to notify users about the split transaction.

Split can be done in both Producer as well as End user Portal.

The 'Entitlement Allocation Email Template' can be customized in Producer Portal to send out order notification emails after a split done in End User Portal.
This can only be triggered from the end user portal.

The property related to Activation Code being changed/retained is applicable for Transfer of entitltements and not for Split.

Implemented for the following issuers:
FlexTemplateLicenseIssuer (FLEXTMPL) - FNP certificate
FNPLicenseIssuer (FNP) - FNP Trusted Storage
GetMultipleKeysFromPoolIssuer (PRDCT_POOL_PER_QTY) - multiple keys from pool for product
KeyFromPoolAssignedUserIssuer (PRDCT_POOL_ASN_USR) - keys from pool assigned to user

The user will not be able to split of any quantity for the FlexTemplate License Style if the quantity is set as fixed (which is not very common). FNP-TS does not let you set the quantity to fixed.

It is recommended to split from end user portal because that will trigger an email. But it is also possible to split from Producer Portal.

Moving a device/host will cause an internal split. More details can be found in Moving a Device Host .


Examples of Transfer and Split orders are in the below articles:

Transfer of Entitlement from Source to Target Account : Without mappings,Splits:

Transfer Order after splitting some off, to same target account :

Transfer Order after splitting some off, to another target account:

Split all from the source account to the target account and back:

Split SOME from Source Account to Target Account :

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