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Flexera Alumni

FlexNet Manager Suite release 2019 R1.4 introduces the concept of inventory groups that can be used to restrict FlexNet inventory agent communication to a subset of inventory beacons. By limiting which inventory beacons can be contacted by which FlexNet inventory agents you may be able to reduce infrastructure overhead, providing more control over the load balancing of communications, uploads, and network traffic.

A new Inventory group settings section has been added to the Inventory Settings page (Discovery & Inventory > Settings > Inventory group settings). Here, you can combine:
  • One or more predefined target sets of inventory devices, where FlexNet inventory agent may be locally installed, with
  • A pool of one or more inventory beacons.


For further information about these changes and to find a history of updates to FlexNet Manager Suite cloud edition, please refer to the Features by Release document in Flexera HelpNet.

If you are using the on-premise edition of FlexNet Manager Suite, these updates are under consideration for inclusion in the next release.

If you want to be notified of these kind of product updates, please ensure that you have subscribed to the FlexNet Manager Release blog.