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Vendor daemons may not display under the license server due to case sensitivity in the configuration of the license server. Using both upper and lowercase characters in the server string can cause it to be read inaccurately. For example, "Server Hostname HostIdentifier port" wouldn't be read accurately because it uses both upper and lowercase letters.

This issue can occur for a single license server or a triad setup. It may show the vendor daemon for some of the servers in the triad setup, but not all.

How to fix this issue

  1. Replace "Server" with "SERVER" in the license files of your license server(s). Replace in all three servers if using a triad.
  2. Navigate to the Configure and Manage Server page under Servers tab > License Manager Summary.
    lic man ser.png
  3. Select Reread All.


4. Navigate to Servers tab > License Manager Summary and select Update Status for the license server.


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