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inventory of machines with the same serial number override each other


We have 2 machines with the same serial number, manufacture, model,... but difference computer name, IP, MAC and AgentID. Their inventories override each other everytime agent upload inventory.

Gathering FlexNet Inventory document says that " inventory returns from distinct installations of FlexNet inventory agent are not merged".  So why is it happened and how I can fix that?

Thank you.

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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

Agreed, specifically different AgentIDs should not be merged into one inventory. Do you have the "Inventory Device Matching" view under "Discovery & Inventory" > "Inventory"?

@mfranz  Yes, it shows only one inventory of the last inventory machine with that serial number and will change (override) if another machine with the same information (serial number, manufacture, model,...) upload its inventory although AgentIDs (also MACs, IPs and names) are different. 

What's the "Matching rule" mentioned in the "Inventory Device Matching" view?