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Which application is picked during license creation from SKU ?

I've created a license processed from SKU 7NQ-00302

In the creation of the license it adds "SQL Server 2017 Standard as Application" managed by this license.

Why does it takes this one during creation?

In our situation this 2017 version is not installed.  The highest version installed is 2014 standard. So it seems it does not select the highest installed version.

Also checked if it is the latest in the ARL. In ARL 2019 is the highest number. So it does not select that one.

Kind regards, Frank07


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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

Hi Frank,

That SKU does not refer to a specific application version, instead it is related to Enterprise Agreements. So FNMS has to decide what version to put in, and again under EA that's always the latest version (plus downgrade rights).

So 2017 makes sense to me.

Best regards,


Edit: From what I can see from my test system, SQL Server 2017 is latest.