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Upgrading to server 2019 for FNMA

I am currently planning on moving our FNMA from a 2016 server to a 2019 server.  We are not changing the database or it's location.  Can I just install the latest version and point it at the Database?  Are there any know issues with moving to a new platform?


Thank you

Patricia Bascom

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If you're going to install the latest version of FNMS (that is, change the version that you currently have), you'll need to migrate the databases to match the FNMS version first, even if you're not changing their location.  So in essence you will be changing the databases.

If you install the same version of FNMS that you currently have, then you shouldn't need to perform any database migration.

In either case, the Powershell configuration script will allow you to restore the database connection.

Depending on how far back your current version of FNMS is from the latest version, you could run into  a "Could not load file or assembly 'sqlproceduresclr" issue when migrating your Compliance database.  See and


Just to validate, if I am already at the latest version of FNMEA and the SQL is updated is all I need to do is point the new install on the new server to the current SQL server?



Yes, that sounds reasonable.